In addition to the services detailed above, we can expand our team to include the following specialized services from top-notch professionals with whom we work frequently and closely.

Speaker Services
GOAL: To help authors land lucrative or professionally valuable speaking opportunities that support increased book sales, provide valuable exposure to demographically targeted audiences, and create new business opportunities.

Media Coaching
GOAL: To give authors insider tricks and training on how to feel and look professional and confident on television, on radio, and before live audiences in order to deliver a message that is winning, powerful, effective, and memorable.

Writing Services
GOAL: (1) To create masterful ghostwritten op-ed pieces and by-lined articles based on your book and area of expertise to place in major newspapers, magazines, and key trade journals. (2) To write newsletters and marketing material for your business or professional practice to build on and complement the business-boosting effects of your book publicity campaign.