About Us

Photo of Cathy Lewis president of C. S. Lewis & Co. Publicists.Cathy Lewis, president of C.S. Lewis & Company Publicists, worked as an in-house publicist in publishing houses for seven years before launching her own company in 1994, convinced that she could do a much better job serving authors. Highly regarded by publishers and authors alike, she has an impressive track record. Her sharply focused, issue-oriented, strategic media campaigns, which blend classic media with new media for the widest possible exposure and platform building, have landed authors on the bestseller lists of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Her authors have been featured in virtually every prestigious business publication, national newspaper, women’s magazine, and online venue in North America. Authors receive frequent interviews and appearances on regional and national radio and television as well. Cathy helps clients become regular bloggers at such sites as Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Inc.com, and PsychologyToday.com, among others.

Photo of Yetti the dog with white curly fur and dark eyes who assists at C. S. Lewis & Co. Publicists.Yetti got her start in public relations sixteen years ago on the heels of Cathy Lewis. The firm’s longest-serving and most loyal staff member, she has doggedly moved up the ranks to her present position, Stress Buster and Security Chief. Her greatest PR coup to date is the personal brand she created—Lap Dog—that has become a familiar household term, although she often regrets the media’s negative spin on it. Yetti does most of her best work lying down.