Personal Branding for Non-Fiction Authors

Apple iPhones. The Huffington Post. Coke. Everything we consume, from technology, to media, to a sugary soft drink, has a brand that defines it and determines how we relate to it.

Take Coca-Cola, the most recognized brand in the world. The association this company has created is more than just the enjoyment of their carbonated beverage. It’s one of fun, freedom, and empowerment. Their branding continually invents fresh ways to tap into the nostalgic aspects surrounding a product that has moved through generations, connecting grandparent to teenager, and merging new times to past decades.

A Good Brand Turns Author-Experts into Thought Leaders
A Good Brand Turns Author-Experts into Thought Leaders

What about branding for people? Business people, celebrities, and politicians all develop their brand with the help of managers, agents, publicists, political handlers, and advisors. The same can be true for author-experts. A focused brand-building strategy, with the help of a good book publicist, can turn a non-fiction author into a recognized thought leader, who then becomes a sought-after speaker, media commentator, and professional consultant.

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