A sampling of clients with whom we have worked:


Dr. Susan Lark’s Hormone Revolution, Susan Lark, MD

Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets to Livin’ Healthy, Dr. Rovenia Brock

Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress & Fear Into Vibrance, Strength & Love, Judith Orloff, MD (Harmony Books)

Natural Highs: Feel Good All the Time, Hyla Cass, MD, and Patrick Holford (Penguin Putnam)

Overdose: The Case Against the Drug Companies, Jay Cohen, MD (Tarcher Putnam)

The Chemistry of Success: 6 Secrets of Peak Performance, Susan Lark, MD, and James A. Richards, MBA (Bay Books)

Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synesthetes Color Their Worlds, Patricia Lynne Duffy (Owl Books)

The Path of Prayer: Reflections on Prayer and True Stories of How It Affects Our Lives, Sophy Burnham (Viking Penguin)

Shouting at the Sky: Troubled Teens and the Problem of the Wild, Gary Ferguson (St. Martin’s Press)

Baby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Baby’s First Year, Ari Brown, MD, and Denise Fields (Windsor Peak Press)

No Safe Place: The Legacy of Family Violence, Christina Crawford (Station Hill Press)

Heart Sense for Women: Your Plan for Natural Prevention and Treatment, Stephen T. Sinatra, MD (Lifeline Press)

Every Heart Attack Is Preventable: How to Take Control of the 20 Risk Factors and Save Your Life, Michael Mogadam, MD (Lifeline Press)

Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine, Emmett E. Miller, MD (Hay House)

Epidemic: How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids, Meg Meeker, MD (Lifeline Press)

Menopausal Years, Susun S. Weed (Ash Tree Publishing)

Prescription Drug Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic, Rod Colvin (Addicus Books)

The Macular Degeneration Sourcebook: A Guide for Patients and Families, Bert Glaser, MD (Addicus Books)

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease: A Self-Help Guide, David L. Cram, MD (Addicus Books)

The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research, Pierce J. Howard, PhD (Bard Press)

The 7 Minute Miracle: The Breakthrough Program to Banish Spot Fat Forever, Sheldon Levine, MD (Lifeline Press)

Ulcer Free! Nature’s Safe & Effective Remedy for Ulcers, Georges M. Halpern, MD (Square One Publishers)

How Do You Compare? 12 Simple Tests to Discover Hidden Truths about Your Personality, Andrew N. Williams (Perigree Books)

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, Patricia Bragg (Health Science)

Prostate Health in 90 Days, Larry Clapp, PhD, JD (Hay House)

Expect a Miracle: The Four Step Life-Changing Process for Managing Your Health and Healing, Tel Franklin, MD (Celestial Arts)

No Regrets: A Ten Step Program for Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind,Hamilton Beazley, PhD (Wiley)

5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great Terri Orbuch (Random House)

Raising Confident Readers: How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write — from Baby to Age 7 (Da Capo / Perseus) by Richard Gentry


The Entrepreneur Equation: Evaluating the Realities, Risks, and Rewards of Having Your Own Business, Carol Roth (BenBella Books)

Charles Schwab: How One Company Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the Brokerage Industry, John Kador (Wiley)

Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century, Gerald Celente (Warner Books)

Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hypergrowth to Sustained Excellence, Elizabeth Gibson and Andy Billings (Davies-Black Publishing)

Managing Your E-mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox, Christina Cavanagh (Wiley)

Start with No: The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don’t Want You to Know, Jim Camp (Crown Business)

How to Avoid the Mommy Trap: A Roadmap for Sharing Parenting and Making It Work, Julie Shields (Capital Books)

Heart at Work, Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller (McGraw-Hill)

Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities, Paul G. Stoltz (Wiley)

The Street Smart Entrepreneur: 133 Tough Lessons I Learned the Hard Way, Jay Goltz (Addicus Books)

Starting from “No”: 10 Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection and Succeed in Business, Azriela Jaffe (Dearborn Trade)

Bringing Out the Best in Others: 3 Keys for Business Leaders, Educators, Coaches and Parents,Thomas K. Connellan, PhD (Bard Press)

The X Factor: Getting Extraordinary Results from Ordinary People, Ross R. Reck (Wiley)

The ABCs of Gold Investing: Protecting Your Wealth through Private Gold Ownership, Michael J. Kosares (Addicus Books)

Invest in Yourself: Six Secrets to a Rich Life, Gerri Detweiler and Marc Eisenson (Wiley)

Continuity Management: Preserving Corporate Knowledge and Productivity When Employees Leave, Hamilton Beazley, PhD (Wiley)

Built on Trust: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Any Organization, Arky Ciancutti, MD, and Thomas Steding, PhD (McGraw-Hill)

Wisdom Circles: A Guide to Self Discovery and Community Building in Small Groups, Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring, and Sedonia Cahill (Broadway Books)



Diet Simple: 154 Mental Tricks, Substitutions, Habits & Inspirations, Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD (Lifeline Books)

Life Is Hard, Food Is Easy: The 5-Step Plan to Overcome Emotional Eating and Lose Weight on Any Diet, Linda Spangle, RN, MA (Lifeline Press)

The Tofu Tollbooth: A Guide to Natural Food Stores & Eating Spots, Elizabeth Zipern and Dar Williams (Ceres Press)

Best Wines! The Gold Medal Winners, Gail Bradney (The Print Project)

Clean and Green: The Complete Guide to Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping, Annie Berthold-Bond (Ceres Press)

Choose to Reuse: An Encyclopedia of Services, Products, Programs & Charitable Organizations that Foster Reuse, David and Nikki Goldbeck (Ceres Press)

Healthy Lunchbox: The Working Mom’s Guide to Keeping You and Your Kids Trim, Rallie McAllister, MD (Lifeline Books)

Hawk’s Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone, Gary Ferguson (National Geographic)

What, No Meat?! What to Do When Your Kid Becomes a Vegetarian, Debra Poneman and Emily Anderson Greene (ECW Press)



Jenny Craig International
Discovery Channel Documentary: UFOs: 50 Years of Denial
Phillips Health, Daily Balance brand supplements
Pro-Seed Grapefruit Extract
Pinecrest Rehabilitation Hospital, Delray Beach, FL
Alexian Brothers Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ
Design Science Toys
Harkness Foundation
Merrill Energy Systems
Body to Go DVD
Read Without Glasses DVD website
Bill T. Jones Dance Company
Shadowbox Theater
Woodstock Youth Theater